“I loved this book - I can’t believe no one’s done it before.” 

James, 11, Brighton, UK

“MetaWars combines two things I love the best; reading and video games. It was as if I was in the book watching all the excitement and action happen.”

David, 11, New York

“It’s like ALEX RIDER meets THE MATRIX.” 

Luke, 11, London, UK

"An amazingly tense and exciting book with lots of humour and action!"

Ben, 10, Richmond Upon Thames, UK

"A well-rounded, thought provoking, brain teasing, page-turning thrill of a read.”

A.G., 12, London, UK

“The most gripping, action-packed novel I have read in a long time.”

Millie, 16, Gloucestershire, UK

In an unforgiving future, two warring factions – the MILLENNIALS and the GUARDIANS – are locked in a brutal battle over control of an online virtual world called the Metasphere.

"The twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more.” 

Bo, 14

“Gripping, thrilling, imaginative, adventurous, mind-blowing.”

Stuart, 12

"I can’t wait for the sequel!”

Fin, 11, Bath, UK

“It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I can’t WAIT for the next one!”

Lia, 9, Toronto, Canada

“Compelling, very kinetic, and cinematic” 

“This is the modern take on the internet supremacy between the big companies such as Google and Apple; both of which have a massive stake in our digital world. A very thought provoking element which becomes embedded within the story to influence the final outcome with a twist at the end.”

Mr Ripleys Enchanted Books Review

"Jeff Norton has added more twists in this book than anything I’ve ever read.”

Josh, 15, Norfolk, UK

“Jonah has such a strong and relatable voice, an honesty and confusion that comes from youth that Norton hits right on the head.”

Flare Reviews

“Non-stop action.”

A Dream Of Books

“this is a cracking adventure story - a sort of 'Young James Bond in The Matrix'.  Packed with action and danger, it is the most boy-friendly, popcorn-munching thing I have read in ages.  I devoured it with glee as it ticked every boy's-own box in my head.  I even struggled to complete my own personal review game of 'spot when something convenient happens to allow a dodgy plan to work'.”

Demention Blog

“Metawars is a real boys story and the perfect book to hook reluctant readers.”

My Best Friends Are Books

Inspired by the 10 “meta-trends” shaping our future, MetaWars is an epic, high-tech thriller saga.

Jonah Delacroix has always known which side he’s on – the same side as his dead father. But when he assumes his father’s avatar, he learns that things aren’t as black and white as he once believed. He’s catapulted into a full-throttle race through both worlds – but can he find the truth?       

Jeff Norton was a very reluctant reader as a boy and created METAWARS to be as compelling as the very best of films and video games.

The Dead Are Rising, with its cinematic-like narrative, is one of the paciest YA thrillers of the year.” (The Telegraph)

“Thrills, spills, and chills abound throughout, and it will be a great shame indeed if stockings throughout the land are not stuffed with these books come Christmas morning.” (Sci-Fi London)

“As with the previous instalment, The Dead Are Rising, is much more than just a science fiction action adventure story. It raises a number of question regarding identity, and Jonah continues to find his conscience twisted and torn as he struggles with the various moral dilemmas that come his way. These books are ideal for book groups as they would encourage young people to debate on a number of issues related to technology, virtual worlds, global corporations and eco-terrorism..”

(Book Zone 4 Boys)

“With MetaWars: The Dead are Rising, Jeff Norton continues the great MetaWars series. The second book in the series focuses more on the consequences that were set in motion by Jonah actions in the end of the first book, producing again a fast pacing and action filled plot but with a side-line. Jeff Norton took, to my pleasure, enough time to add an emotional tinge to the story between Jonah and his father. And in the short time that they got to spend together there was a great mind teaser: Jonah’s father said that the Guardians did not kill him… but then who did? Many questions, got answered but more were raised..”

(Fantasy Book Reviews)

“this is a frenetic, fast and fun read, full of great action and thrills and tinged with just enough emotion to make us care. More questions are raised, more corners of the Metasphere are still to be taken, and personally I can't wait for next May and Metawars 3.0 - Battle of the Immortal.”

(Sci-Fi London)

“There's no danger of things slackening off in Jeff Norton's second book in the MetaWars series, because The Dead Are Rising, with its cinematic-like narrative, is one of the paciest YA thrillers of the year.”

(The Telegraph)

“a constant thrill ride that kept me riveted from the first page all the way until the last..”

Bookaholic’s Book Club blog

“MetaWars is filled with action, mystery, and an adventure that will take you on a thrilling ride through two intense worlds.”    Fictitious Musings

The sequel, The Dead Are Rising, has been equally well received:

And now available in French from Edition Ada, a leading Quebec-based publisher:

The books were first published in the UK by Orchard Books and are rolling out around the world:

Both reluctant and avid readers have responded enthusiastically to Fight For The Future:

And now, the third instalment, The Battle Of The Immortal, is thrilling and chilling readers everywhere:

The fourth and final book, The Freedom Frontier, publishes January, 2014.

Reviewers have embraced Fight For The Future as a compelling, cracking thrill ride:

If you are still thinking which book you could get to get your kids reading more, get them the MetaWars series, they will be entertained for hours!

(The Book Plank)

Battle of the immortal was a brilliant book and if you like the series, you're gonna love this!

(The Book Rat)

The MetaWars saga concludes with The Freedom Frontier...