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The Bookseller comments on Jeff’s latest creation, a four books series for girls about life at a boarding school for Team GB’s elite figure skaters.

The Guardian explores the cause of the double-digit sales increase in the classic Blyton estate.

The Bookseller comments on Jeff’s new venture, creating and developing original intellectual property across multiple media - but with a firm focus on books.

Jeff catches up with The Bookseller’s Caroline Horn to discuss his new creative venture.

New Relationship Builds Capacity for Page-to-Screen Adaptations

On July 7th, Jeff hosted a creative and commercial exploration of the hit, multi-platform franchise at the 2011 Children’s Media Conference.  Read the blog here.

The Bookseller reports on Awesome’s new project, DRUMMER GIRL from debut author Bridget Tyler.

We are delighted that our first zombie will be off to Halifax, Canada for a September 19th screening.

“Director/writer Jeff Norton’s The First Zombie presents Nicholas in a Dianne Sawyer interview style. As the world’s first zombie, he shares his struggles and triumphs reconnecting with his family; the “coming out” is flavoured with comedic gems, including story time with his traumatized baby. Norton brilliantly balances the film’s five minute duration and makes good use of settings, such as the gothic cemetery and sidewalk scapes where Nicholas displays his characteristic zombie-limp.”

Sunshine Interview, Feb 9, 2012

Interview with Jeff in Sunshine Smile, the online resource for the children’s book industry.

Berlin 2012:  Jeff Norton Sells Teen Sci-Fi Script to British Banner Multistory Films (Exclusive)

“Bloomsbury Children’s Books announces a six book deal for Princess Ponies by Chloe Ryder, the pen name for the collaboration between series creator Jeff Norton and children’s author Julie Sykes.”

DRG Sees What Develops, March 22, 2012

Per C21 Media: “DRG is also working with Future Films and author Jeff Norton on Cortex, a futuristic procedural drama about a team of scientists and investigators who solve crimes by inserting themselves into the memories of witnesses, criminals and each other.”

The Bookseller reports on the Futurebook Innovation Workshop, including a talk from Jeff about inviting beta-readers into the writing process on ALIENATED.

Ham and High profiles the inspiration and origin of METAWARS.

Jeff speaks to Katja Weinert from popular blog YA’s the Word about the relentless pace of technology change as captured in METAWARS.

Jeff speaks to Jen Shaw from popular blog Fictitious Musings about the future, technology, and storytelling. 

Jeff guest blogs about the ultimate graphics processor: the human imagination, and how METAWARS gives the reader a $200 million experience for only £5.99!

This is a collection of Jeff’s press, articles, and guest blogs.  For press, please contact Rebecca Hearne at Hachette Children’s Books (0207 873 6000) to arrange an interview.

Jeff guest blogs about the storytelling intersection of films and books.

“Pages of Wonder”, July 31, 2012

Inspired by Danny Boyle’s Olympics opening ceremonies, Jeff celebrates the legacy of children’s literature.

Jeff discusses the challenges that keep boys from reading.

Jeff guest blogs at The Children’s Media Conference website about the challenges facing the publishing business.

Jeff argues that every book is a start-up enterprise, and explains how he adapted the best practices of Silicon Valley, including Pixar’s creative process and Eric Reis’ Lean Start-Up methodology to craft ALIENATED.

Jeff shares his transformation from reluctant reader to professional writer, via Choose Your Own Adventure, Books Fairs, and 80’s dystopia.

Every Book Is A Start-Up, July 11, 2012

Winning the Reading War, July 10, 2012

View Of The Arts, August 11, 2012

In conversation with Maggie Gogler, Jeff discusses how his experience at Harvard shaped his approach to storytelling.

Jeff asks if the kids TV industry should follow the children’s publishing business and embrace the dark side.

Jeff outlines the unkept promises of science fiction.

Interview in Tesco Magazine, October 15, 2012

Jeff speaks to Hannah Hudson about his inspirations.

Jeff argues that the true value of school libraries is often overlooked.

Why School Libraries Matter, October 29, 2012

Norton catches up with Robert Grant of Sci-Fi London.

Jeff talks about reading, writing, and creativity.

Norton speaks to London’s newest news source.

Interview with The Positive, January 10, 2013

Julienne Durber interviews Jeff Norton about The Dear Are Rising.

Q&A on the Demention blog, April 15, 2013

Jeff shares what he learned on book tour.