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A reluctant reader as an adolescent, Jeff created METAWARS to be as compelling as the best films and video games.  The series has been enthusiastically received by critics and fans...


Compelling Characters. Awesome Stories. Immersive Worlds.

Fight For The Future is a fast, furious and fun-packed read, the kind of book that gets youngsters raised on a diet of social networking, video games, satellite TV and the internet interested in reading again

(Sci-Fi London)

The Dead Are Rising, with its cinematic-like narrative, is one of the paciest YA thrillers of the year.” (The Telegraph)

“this is a frenetic, fast and fun read, full of great action and thrills and tinged with just enough emotion to make us care. More questions are raised, more corners of the Metasphere are still to be taken, and personally I can't wait for next May and Metawars 3.0 - Battle of the Immortal.”

(Sci-Fi London)

If you are still thinking which book you could get to get your kids reading more, get them the MetaWars series, they will be entertained for hours!

(The Book Plank)

Battle of the Immortal was a brilliant book and if you like the series, you're gonna love this!

(The Book Rat)

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To book Jeff or an event, please contact Rebecca Hearne via Orchard Books.

Fight For The Future won the 2013 Rotherham Book Award.

No Gloss Film Festival, 19th October, 2013

Jeff’s short film, Above Water, screens in Leeds (11 am, Screen 2).